• Ultima Beds
    • Ideal for beginners with fair skin and light eyes who have difficulty getting a tan and usually experience redness.
    • First time users recommended 5-7 min.
  • Supra
    • Slightly stronger than the ultima.
    • recommended as the 2nd step once you have achieved a base tan using the our Ultima beds.
    • First time users recommended 7-8 mins.In general 10-15 min max.
  • Sun Fx – stand up cabine
    • Ideal for getting the perfect all over tan.
    • No pressure point marks (white spots).
    • 55 tubes 160 watts,same strenght as vhr 52 watts.
  • Zenith
    • Much stronger than the Supra.
    • Much wider bed therefore offers better coverage.
    • 52 tubes-7-8 min first time users-In general clients use 8-12 mins.
  • Vhr 44 Tubes 200 watts
    • Strongest machine in terms of Watts.
    • Longest machine available ,ideal for tall clients.
  • Z64-100 watts
    • Less strong than the VHR but is the largest.
    • Also available 52 VHR – 160 watts and Ultima Facial.
  • Hydro-Massage

    Discover the benefits of Hydro-Massage

    Coming end of November 2013!

  • Mystic Hd

    Latest technology in Automatic Spray Tan.

    “Voted best spray tan system for natural looking results”. Coming end of November 2013! Learn more about Mystic HD.

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  • bronzage de la cité

Satisfaction guarantee

At Bronzage de la cite,we try to offer the best customer experience as well as provide the latest information regarding the use of our tanning beds and products.

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Holistic Approach

    Vitamin D

  • what we should know...

  • Vitamin D, aka the sunshine vitamin, is a fat-soluble vitamin that is vital in regulating calcium, magnesium and phosphorus absorption in our bodies. It is a vitamin with an important role in human health that has been associated in some studies with a reduced risk of conditions such as breast, prostate and ovarian cancers, multiple sclerosis and diabetes.

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